Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sweet Day.

What a blessed day. My morning started sweet. My amazing son woke up and planned a surprise breakfast. I was up wondering why he has not come to wake and greet me, little did I know he was up to sweet surprises! He made some waffles with strawberries and 9 candles. Brought me to tears! My husband took us out for lunch at my fave sushi spot, Yanagi.We can never go wrong with sushi. Had to get in some blog shots of course! Love this outfit dearly and I knew I had to wear it for my birthday! Its so comfy and sweet. I love my new Zara bag that I got yesterday. Its the closest I could get to the Alexander Wang bucket bag. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect birthday!


Rang in my 29th at Era Art Bar in Oakland. I love that place because of the atmosphere and it never seems to get over crowded.
We always have a spot to chill at and enjoy the music. I was so thrilled to have all of my family and friends there to celebrate with me. It definitely made the night extra special. My cousin Sean shares a birthday and birthdays aren't the same without him!
Thanks to my amazing husband who loves me dearly and put up with me at my worse dealing with last minute birthday plans! hahaha Thanks again everyone for coming out u all are all so wonderful!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Color Crave

Pulled these off & . I love the color combos done.
This Best Behavior top has a  print, color and shape to die for! 
I will keep my mind on  the mustard and navy color scheme for tomorrows shopping run..My closet is sure thirsty for some mustard yellow and some red-orange!! I've been stuck on military greens and peachy beige

Monday, August 23, 2010

Small score.

Did a Target run to pick up some everyday necessities, you know the stuff you rather not spend your money but you have to? So my son and husband went off to the toy section and I decided to browse through the jewelry section and 
my eyes caught the site of this lovely necklace. It reminded me of something similar I wanted on so I instantly knew I had to have it! I love small unexpected finds! I also can't wait till Target launches the Tucker by Gaby Basora Fall '10 line. I adore prints by Tucker but could never spend over $100 on a top. So thank you Target for making things possible for me and for this necklace too. =)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Care Freeing

Care freeing is how I like do my Sunday.
 I went to Nordstrom Rack in Palo Alto yesterday and found these J'Adore Rich and Skinny
cropped jeans which were a freakin steal! Retailed $180, got em for $42.
It came with a matching braided denim belt but ditched it for something that would pop a little more.
I love the slouchy fit which fits with my casual Sunday mood.
Whatever happens today I know its happening in comfort!

Friday, August 20, 2010

F21 hit list.

Fashion is always about  bringing it back.. I remember sporting
this look in 1994. I had a long burgundy maxi dress just like
this one but with 3 buttons at the chest and wore it with my suede cris cross
chunky platforms I loved so much.. I'm craving this look minus the hat. I
wish I had those platforms still! I think they were from Payless and dress
was from Clothestime!

I absolutely love these high waisted leatherette shorts got yesterday for $17!
80s prints are my weakness!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slow Light.

Whew! It felt so good to sneak in some retail therapy on my lunch hour
after the past 5 days I had. mmm and I want more!
Got some crop slouchy tees and it was so
funny how my co worker didn't quite understand the
anatomy of a crop slouchy tee..She said uh its too big and too short at
the same time? I said this shirt is too big and too short
for its possibilties with high waisted bottoms, harems, trousers and fitted skirts
My new "big and short shirt" paired up with
  a pocket sweat pant then dressed it up a
notch withsome wooden wedges and
House of Harlows Station necklace in cream leather.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Here with my beautiful sister and cousin in laws for a Rivera Girl Photo part 2.
First pic was taken in '05 when I was pregnant.. But we decided to collab 
for another since Sueraina ( 2nd to left) was visiting again, finally! 
So these pics are actually shots off my camera that my husband took..
Its funny the photographer was cool enough to let us steal some shots of our 
own in his studio. 
I like these shots and posted these particular ones because they had a more candid 
feel.. I love so many and just too many to post. 
I like how all the colors we were wearing worked together. Definitely fun and can't wait 
to do part 3!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Played around a little featuring accessories I am absolutely  in love
with..My birthday is in August and would love to spend 29
 with Wang's bucket bag..Maybe I will get lucky?
The Chloe shades are more likely
Until then I will keep wishing on....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Feline Friend

I decided to join the neighborhood cats in
my thick Feline Shades along with these cool
leopard print wedges I got a while back.
Typically wouldn't go for animal
prints on my soles but when I saw that these were
only $12 regular price I thought why not! 
Then they reminded me of the Jeffrey Campbell "Mariel"
which made me like them even more!
Thanks to my hubby for taking these shots after coming
home from work and a long commute!

Silk Stripe Tee-F21
Light Blue Denim Shorts-H&M
Leopard Zipper Wedges-H&M
Feline Shades-Nasty Gal Vintage

Monday, August 9, 2010


One of the reasons why I was reluctant to start a blog was time.
Would I have time to keep up with posts along with work and my family? I work f/t as a Medical Assistant and actually just learned I have been promoted to a Supervisor! =) So in my field I don't get to express my style. I work in boring scrubs and take advantage of any chance toget cute. So yesterday as a congratulations gift for my promo, my lovelyhusband took me out on a day of shopping all on him! He is the best. 
I had my mind on summer things that could transition into fall.
I paired some wool blend trouser shorts with a vintage print blouse.I loved the color scheme of this top, and finished it with my find of the day, a mini western bootie. I have been looking for a western bootie since it featured in
Lucky mag like a month ago..
and was so excited when I found these for $19!
Now that I have found them these are next!
 I found a healthier alternative to the Tory Burch 'Ginevra'
which is a killer $375, these are only $89 by BC Footwear on Delias.
I ordered the slip on cut out style but were on back order and
saw that these are available now so Im going to cancel and
go for these instead! Payday is tomorrow,finally!

 Big THANK YOU to my beautiful sister in-law Megan at  
who recommended me on her amazing blog, there is a never a
dull moment in her world of fashion! Love her!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Number 1 Post. Card Perfect.

My lovely family & I
 on our recent trip to Kona, HI
taken at Hualalai Four Seasons Resort, Big Island

ok so here i go my first blog, my first post ever. wow. blogging is sort of a new gig for me  but fashion has always been a big obsession of mine. my first love is my family of course then fashion. F&F all day all day.. husband terence encouraged me to start a blog to feature how well i style our family. he thinks it takes a lot of brain power to figure out what to wear each day and was impressed i was able to pack and style a family of three for a 10 day vacation in Hawaii. he also told me albert einstein wore the same outfit every single day because it wasted too much brain power, but for me its brain power i can't seem to turn off. all i really want to do is share my love for style through this creative outlet... so welcome and enjoy. =)