Friday, January 21, 2011

Laced & Laid Out.

Fell victim to boredum, which led to dress up and some self photography. Later in the evening got my hubby to snap a few body shots as well.. Usually I spend my Friday afternoons shopping some where, but lately trying to discipline my habits... Some of my last purchases are these shades and lace shorts. The coat was a present from my hubby for our Anniversary in November. Wearing it makes me feel like a teddy bear and I could snuggle in it all day. Smitten with the fur and lace combo here. Big shout outs to Lace, Crochet, Fringe, and Fur, I love u.

Round  toned Sunnies- Quay
Teddy Bear Fur Coat- Rachel Roy 
Lace Shorts- Lulu's
Silk Blouse- Urban Outfitters
Jewelry- F21


  1. cute lace shorts! i have a couple pairs i have yet to wear, fashiontoast got me obsessed with them! lol i found a pair from modcloth that look similar to those but they fit funny on me and were a little sheer :( cute find!

  2. Thanks! I know right! I wanted her black F21 ones she wore in a couple recent posts but no luck finding em.. There are some really fabulous ones that are a splurge by Madewell on Shopbop.. floral lace and a scallop hem! Omg!

  3. Girl those shorts look cute on you! And I like how you styled them. Everything always looks funny on me and I always have to alter stuff to make things fit. The shorts were just alittle baggy on me because I need some curves lol. It sucks...but thanks for the nice comments :) I'm grateful I have Lise, she likes to speaks her mind so I guess that's good for me! Lol