Sunday, March 13, 2011

Which Way.

 I get this voyager/traveler feel with this hat. I bought this hat last year for a Halloween costume but it didn't happen. I find myself buying hats but never wear them! I found these velvet bells on sale at UO and I wish they were not so long and a different material, considering velvet bells are not easy to wear and are not transitional for spring. The price paid are worth the keep, and they pictured well with the rest of the outfit. Hope everyone had a good weekend, I did, despite losing an hour from springing it forward! On the brighter side, having an extra hour of sunshine is always nice!
F21 HAT 
UO velvet bells
Random paisly chiffon top

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  1. This shoot looks fun and those pants are cool! Thanks for the comment! That top was one of them, I was given 7 pieces...I'm so grateful! I had been in search for something like that sweater I just posted. I scoured the thrift shops here forever but finally gave in to spending too much on etsy! :( I did find a ton like it but they were huge or not really nice colors!