Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fresh cut & color

I was long over due for a cut and some major touching up on my roots. My long time dear friend has been doing my hair for so long and she is always is amazing especially with my plentiful head of hair! She did my usual roots and my ends always seem to lighten up themselves so she decided to accentuate them and lightened them up a tad more. Layers were brought up and bottom layer evened out. I always love the feeling a fresh start. =)

Since I have been so into lace and lacey scallop trim detail, I am so glad I held on to this white top from H&M I got 5 years ago! Came across some great finds this weekend..I got these shades and black lace trim top at H&M both for less than $20.. could not believe the top was on sale since I just bought the dress version of it in white a month ago!  


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  2. love your black top! never seen it at h&m! and your hair looks great!