Saturday, October 9, 2010


Went out last night for my girl Rose's birthday. Discovered Walnut Creek night life..Never knew it existed, it was cool however last call is at 1230 am and all clubs/lounges close at 1 am! It was fun though, had dinner at this spot called Modern China Cafe and hung out at 1515 lounge.
It was nice hanging out with folks we hardly hang out with because we are all  so caught up with parenthood.

This is what I wore last night, it was surprisingly nice weather last night and the shorts weren't a bad decision.
However towards the end of the night, when I was making my way into another bar, I clearly heard this fat chick tell her man my shorts were too short and her man replied, who? and she pointed at me and said, her!
I try not to let foolish people get to me..people like that have a syndrome, and its what I call "fat syndrome".Your mad at the world because you are too lazy to do anything about yourselves. Plain and simple..sorry to say it but it is so true.

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  1. lol fat syndrome! they gotta bring everyone else down with them and those aren't even that short! short for her definitely, but you look cute!