Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Its official! The last of my friends is married! Celebrated Sandy & Brian's Wedding at Preservation Park, Oakland. Sandy has been my best friend since 14. She was stunning in her amazing gown . The setting was nice, beautiful reception and great weather. A blessed night. It was great  having all the girls together again just like in high school and reminiscing about when we were young and all the funny things we did. A night that ended too soon.. Congrats again loves and best wishes! <3

Dress- Patterson J. Kincaid. 
Shoes- J Camp.


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  2. your dress is so pretty! love patterson j kincaid...always good deals at bloomies when they're on sale! congrats to your friend...looked like a nice wedding, esp the venue

  3. thanks! =)i know, i've seen some good prints.. the color and print and colors is what sold me on tnis dress. wasn't too thrilled with the bubble hem cuz its soo played and the cinched emprie waist..but i literally went shopping 2 nights before the wedding and didnt want to stress off trying to top this one!