Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tucker Up.

Thrilled the long awaited Tucker by Gaby Basora line is here! Thanks to Target for making it (Tucker) possible! I've always loved Tucker  for its rich colors and prints..This collection has some great pieces. I haven't been too excited with the collections from GO designers in the past. The last line I liked was Thakoon which was 2 years ago.When pics first leaked from the collection, I was in love with the Diamond print dress I featured on my last post. This morning, I didn't get to Target as soon as I wanted to and there were no more in my size when I finally made it out there. But I did get this Lawn Bird print dress which is equally fabulous. The last one in my size! Whew! Among all the other things I wanted, this Mosaic print blouse also made it in..I still hope to find the Diamond print dress or blouse. I hope Target keeps these designers coming!


  1. cuuute! love it on you! i loved a lot of the pieces and it was hard deciding between that dress and the diamond print so i got both eeek! i was like what the heck, this is like once in a lifetime lol. i love that mosaic blouse too! girl, order it online...if you spend $50 or more, it's free shipping! or go to other targets. the girl in vallejo told me they actually came out vallejo at least. yeah, i saw the little posters/ads on the racks and i was like ooh i got those knee socks hmmm...hehe

  2. Cute.gotta check it out. I love Target. Fab! how these Designers are Designing for Target, whne Cynthia Vincent came out i purchased the Pattern Color Wedges I am so waiting for Mulberry Bag in October :)
    x Ari

  3. thanks!! i know i ended up wanting so much! i wanted that rust orange tunic too hopefully some will get marked down soon! if u think about it 4 things from target isn't even equivalent to 1 blouse off her original line. so splurge on! hehe

  4. where did you hear about geren ford and all them? i love all of those...of all the designers in my closet, all those 3 are among them!

  5. So I was looking at the style boutique on targets website
    and there was a post about Lauren Moffat dress and if u click on it,
    it will take you to a screen to purchase it, if u put it your cart a window
    will pop up and say people who viewed this also viewed:
    and a Geren Ford & Corey Lynn dress came up. If you click on it it's available to buy. It's weird because if u try to search it on the search bar nothing comes up..
    It's almost like a hidden secret.