Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hellz Bellz.

My husband shared this video with me on FB and I learned that Dev is the originator of that hot
track on the radio right now, "Fly Like a G6" by Far East Movement.  I love that song because its
so catchy but I love this song Booty Bounce even more.
I decided to share this on my blog because as I was watching it I was so focused on her outfits.
So she is featuring some Hellz Bellz some from Fall 2010 and I love it all..My fave look has got to be the one with the fur shoulder pads.  I first learned about HB in '05 but it didn't grab my attention then, however, this video has definitely caught my eye.  One of my most visited sites also features HB and Dev's collab for this video, that is so simple yet so sickkkk.

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  1. i like this version better! and the video is cool!