Sunday, August 29, 2010


Rang in my 29th at Era Art Bar in Oakland. I love that place because of the atmosphere and it never seems to get over crowded.
We always have a spot to chill at and enjoy the music. I was so thrilled to have all of my family and friends there to celebrate with me. It definitely made the night extra special. My cousin Sean shares a birthday and birthdays aren't the same without him!
Thanks to my amazing husband who loves me dearly and put up with me at my worse dealing with last minute birthday plans! hahaha Thanks again everyone for coming out u all are all so wonderful!


  1. so much fun last night! thanks for having us :) you're hella funny for what you were telling people, it's all good...i just don't look like one! look at me in these pics...super buzz face! haha but you looked really cute and sure did rock the leather shorts! aka, birthday leather shorts 'cause i'll be next LOL oh yeah, i have the candy jars from hisela over here!

  2. Good stuff cuzzo...had fun and glad we were able to continue the tradition of a shared night out. Look forward to many more to come...29er. HA! I remember that age!

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  4. LOL Meg! Not even buzz face! U are like ma-doe!
    I know the leather shorts are especially fitting for a night out on your birthday!
    Can't wait to go out! So I will call u Im gonna come by tonite! Thanks!

    Thanks Sean!
    True that!So glad we were able to celebrate once again its always good times! Im talkin about a trip next year! 3-0 u down?
    Hope u had a great 31er!