Saturday, August 7, 2010

Number 1 Post. Card Perfect.

My lovely family & I
 on our recent trip to Kona, HI
taken at Hualalai Four Seasons Resort, Big Island

ok so here i go my first blog, my first post ever. wow. blogging is sort of a new gig for me  but fashion has always been a big obsession of mine. my first love is my family of course then fashion. F&F all day all day.. husband terence encouraged me to start a blog to feature how well i style our family. he thinks it takes a lot of brain power to figure out what to wear each day and was impressed i was able to pack and style a family of three for a 10 day vacation in Hawaii. he also told me albert einstein wore the same outfit every single day because it wasted too much brain power, but for me its brain power i can't seem to turn off. all i really want to do is share my love for style through this creative outlet... so welcome and enjoy. =)

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