Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sweet Day.

What a blessed day. My morning started sweet. My amazing son woke up and planned a surprise breakfast. I was up wondering why he has not come to wake and greet me, little did I know he was up to sweet surprises! He made some waffles with strawberries and 9 candles. Brought me to tears! My husband took us out for lunch at my fave sushi spot, Yanagi.We can never go wrong with sushi. Had to get in some blog shots of course! Love this outfit dearly and I knew I had to wear it for my birthday! Its so comfy and sweet. I love my new Zara bag that I got yesterday. Its the closest I could get to the Alexander Wang bucket bag. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect birthday!


  1. awh so so sooo sweet of him! i'm glad you had such a special birthday :) and you looked absolutely fab! love those pants on you, you pull them off so well! are you still dropping by tomorrow? your gift is waiting ;)

  2. Thanks! =) Isn't he the sweetest! I will probably come in the evening with Tee and Elijah cuz I am working tomorrow instead and taking Tuesday off. So I will call u guys!

  3. love the prints+menswear trousers. So hot for Fall!